Display refrigerator

Features of this product:


Features of this product

Body material: Polyurethane injection insulation.

Outer body material: galvanized sheet with electrostatic paint coating.

 Refrigerant gas type: R134a

Compressor type: depending on the customer’s order from the best brand in the market.

Temperature range: from 1 to 8 degrees Celsius.

Door glass type: Standard double-wall

External dimensions (height* depth* width) cm: 220*700*140 or 220*700*200 (can change dimensions)

Other technical specifications: adjustable shelves – adjustable thermostat – condenser and evaporator fan company Dar – low-consumption LED light – no frost

Order specifications at the customer’s request: the design, model and color can be changed at the customer’s request. Ability to increase the number of floors

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